What is a Tablet Computer?


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what is a tablet computer

What is a Tablet Computer

Tablet computer. Call them whatever you want – tablet computers, mobile computing, tablet PCs, they are the latest to win the hearts of people from all different backgrounds.  People who found desktop PCs and laptops a challenge to use, are now embracing tablet computers due to their ease of use.  They pretty well run right out of the box with minimum configuration.  There are some laptop design where the screen would swivel and fold over the keyboard thus making it look and behave like a tablet.

What was the first tablet computer?  If you said Apple iPad 1, you’re wrong.  Actually tablet computers existed way before the Apple iPAD.  But it was the Apple iPAD 1 that really got the mass in droves to purchase it.  The introduction of the smartphone such as the Apple iPhone also helped to push table computers.  The Apple iPAD is actually a larger version of the iPhone. Years later, other manufacters started pushing out their versions competing against the Apple iPAD.

Tablet Computer Physical Size

It is a light, slim, computing device with a touchscreen. It looks like a slate and some people call it a slate PC. The average screen size range from 7″ up to slightly larger than 10″.  Tablet computers also refers to the mini versions of full size laptops which comes with keyboard called a netbook.  Its screen size is usually about 10″.  For the purpose of this article and this website, we refer to tablet computers as slim, touch screen computing devices similar to the Apple iPAD.

Tablet Computer Features

One of the distinguishing features of a tablet computer is the absence of a physical keyboard.  There is an on-screen keyboard that you can invoke.  If you do insist on a physical keyboard, there are some external keyboard docking station accessories that you can purchase for your tablet.  If that is one of your main criteria for choosing a tablet, make sure that such accessories do exist.

The main way to navigate with a tablet computer is via the touch screen. In past tablets, a plastic pen was used to pick and select items on the screen. Today’s tablets lets your fingers do the walking. That is, you use your fingers to select, enlarge, turn pages. It is very intuitive once you start using a tablet computer.

Tablet computer devices are great for viewing – such as viewing movies and browsing the net.  All tablet computers come with wifi which allows you to connect to the internet using free (or pay a small fee) wifi hotspot.  These hotspots are available in your local library, parks, cafe, shopping malls, etc.  Even the plain eReaders come with a wifi connection.  Some tablet computer devices also come with a 3G/4G LTE connection which allows to connect to the internet from almost anywhere.  You will need to pay for a service plan through your local service provide like AT&T/Bell/Rogers/Verizon.

You can even use your tablet computer to listen to music, read books, play games, etc.  So your tablet computer can replace all of your other devices.  Love them or hate them, table computers are here to stay. Now is the best time to purchase one as prices are coming down.

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