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Tablet Operating System

Tablet Operating System

Tablet Operating System

Apple iOS

The major tablet operating system is none other than Apple’s iOS. The great thing with Apple’s iOS is that it runs across Apple’s many devices including the iPhone (all models), the iPod Touch, Apple TV, and of course the iPad tablets. iOS was originally called “iPhone OS” as it was developed for the iPhone. iOS only runs on Apple’s devices.

Android OS

Apple’s iOS main competitor is non other than Google’s Android OS (based on Linux). Android runs on a majority of smartphones and tablets.  There are many versions of Androids out there and that’s what makes it a bit confusing.  From a tablet perspective, you should look for Android 3.0 (called Honeycomb) and above as these newer versions are more optimized for tablets.  One of the main concern is that the security is weaker than that of the iOS.


HP’s tablets runs on webOS (based on Linux and was used in Palm’s devices).  While many companies flocked to use Google’s Android as their tablet OS, HP wanted to be different and to stand out from the crowd.  By owning their own OS, they had more control over their OS and hardware.  They wanted to compete head to head with Apple. The HP Touchpad running webOS was released in July 2011.  Within severn weeks, HP pulled out of the tablet market due to weak sales.

BlackBerry Tablet OS

RIM’s (Research In Motion) BlackBerry tablet os is based on QNX (based on POSIX OS – Portable OS for UNIX). Current version is 1.0.8. The multitasking feature is much better than Apple iOS.

Windows OS

Microsoft is getting into the Tablet OS war with its tablet os version based on Windows 7.  Microsoft did come out with a tablet PC OS back in 2002 called “XP Tablet PC Edition”.  It relied on using a pen stylus instead of a touchscreen.

MeeGo OS

Intel’s Meego OS is based on Linux.

Which Tablet Operating System?

It basically comes down to either Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android.  In the tablet operating system world, these are the 2 main contenders and you can’t go wrong with either one.

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