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laptop vs tablet

Laptop vs Tablet

Here at Tablets Computer, we take a look at laptop vs tablet. This is not a debate on which one is better, but rather highlight the strengths of one over the other.

Size and Weight

The first laptop vs tablet difference is their size and weight. A laptop is large and bulky weighing in around 5 to 10 pounds. It requires a supporting structure such as a table or your lap to use. A laptop screen size ranges from 11 inches and up. A tablet is smaller and thinner with screen sizes ranging from 7 inches to slightly over 10 inches and weighs in around 1 to 2 pounds. A tablet can easily be held in your hands and is very light in weight. The 7 inch tablet versions can easily be held in one hand. They can even fit into a lady’s purse or a guy’s jacket pocket. A tablet is truely a portable device.  A laptop can be quite bulky to carry around. 

Method of Input

Another laptop vs tablet difference is the missing keyboard for the tablet. The main way to navigate in a tablet is through the tablet’s touchscreen using your fingers. If you do need to input data such as a URL or compose an email, you can invoke an on-screen keyboard. If you plan on doing serious data input, there are physical keyboards that you can purchase as an accessory. But, keep in mind that it’s going to be another piece of equipment that you will need to carry around. There are some tablets that features a slide-out keyboard (like some smartphones). So if you are planning to do some serious keyboarding work, look for this feature when shopping for a tablet.

Their Primary Usages

However, the main laptop vs tablet difference is their main use. Tablet computers are best used for “consuming” information. By this we mean, tablets are great for reading ebooks, viewing movies, surfing the web, playing games, reading email, listening to music. You can also do this with a laptop, but it is more convenient to use a tablet to perform these activities. One additional feature which you can do with a tablet is to take pictures and videos.

Laptop vs Tablet – Which One?

Laptops are slowly losing to tablets just for their pure portability. However, laptops will still continue to exists as they will be continued to be used by power users. These includes programmers, artists, video editors, business people. Laptops are also great for multitasking work. There are also more applications for the laptop than for the tablet. Some people still consider tablets as “toys” and used mainly for entertainment.  Laptops are still considered for “serious” work use.

Hope this laptop vs tablet article will help you in your selection choice.

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