Tablets and the Olympics


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Tablets Will Be Everywhere in the London 2012 Olympics

Tablets and the Olympics

The Official Tablet of the 2012 Olympics

The current London Olympics will have one additional “unofficial” entry – the computer tablet. The London Olympics (2012) will be a showcase for new tablets coming out and many of them will be competing for first place, currently held by the Apple iPAD. Google Nexus 7 with its latest Android OS “Jelly Bean” is a strong contender.

Just 4 years ago at the China Olympics, tablets were just coming out and there were only a handful on the market. When phones came out with the ability to table photos/videos, it was a strange sight to see people holding up their phones to take pictures and videos. The London Olympics will have even a more stranger view, people holding up their tablets to take pictures/videos of the olympic events. A tablet “etiquette” if you will – please consider people sitting behind you as you hold your tablet up to take pictures or videotape the event before you. The size of your tablet may block their view.

As people are becoming more use to multi-tasking (doing more than one tasks at once), attending the London Olympics and future olympics will be a different experience. Sure, you are physically attending an event, but there are many other events going on at the same time. So to be able to be on top of scores and winnings for the other events, tablets will play a major role in allowing you follow the other events.

Aps for tablets and smartphones are coming out that will allow you to keep track of all events throughout the day and even watch live broadcast of all events. With the larger tablets, you can watch those events while you are attending another event.

Oh, one last thing, guess which tablet has been chosen as the official tablet for the London Olympic? Not the Apple iPAD, but the “Acer Iconia Tab A510 Olympics Edition”.

So if you are one of the lucky ones to be attending the Olympics, don’t forget to bring your tablet with you.

As 2012 will be the year for the tablets, what new technolgy will 2016 bring us?

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