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eBook Readers – Should You Get One?

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eBook Readers

In this article, we take a look at the pros and cons of owning ebook readers. eBook Readers come in many forms from the high-end tablets to the low-end readers designed mainly for reading ebooks.

eBook Readers Pros

* With the introduction of tablets and ebook readers, you can now take your favorite books with you wherever you go.  This is great if you are travelling and you don’t want to be carrying all your books with you.

* By publishing books in an ebook format, you avoid printing books which saves trees and great for the environment.

* If you purchase some physical books such as computer programming books, the publisher of the book will also provide you with a downloadable ebook version.

* If you subscribe to the many journals out there, more and more are now making their publications as ebook versions.  eWeek, a popular journal for the computing community has announced that they will no longer be providing their paper format.

* Ease of reading – Sometimes the fonts of physical books are small.  With an ereader, you can enlarge the script type so it will be easier on your eyes.

* eBook versions are cheaper than physical books. Most importantly, the publishers will never run out of ebooks whereas physical books are printed in a certain amount, so they may be out of print and hard to find.

* Some ebooks may contain links so you can get more information.

eBook Readers Cons

* Some people still love the “touch and feel” of real physical books.  Also the turning of a real page.

* You need to worry about power consumption.  No power, no ebook.

* The major con is the many distractions you will encounter especially if you are using a high end tablet.  You will be constantly checking your email, surfing the net, etc.  Reading is now just part of the many multitasking activities you will do.  This takes away the notion of sitting somewhere in a quiet place and just focus on reading a book, as in the case with a physical book.  Also, as you will have many books on your tablet/ereader, you will also be spending time going back and forth between the books.  More and more people will no longer be able to finish reading their ebook. Again, this distraction takes you away from a single story perspective.  You need to have discipline if you want to stay focus and savour each book.  So turn off the wifi/internet connection and email programs.

So, should ebook readers be on your buying list?  Yes, definitely, but take into consideration the above pros and cons and you will have a more enjoyable reading experience.

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