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Uses of a Tablet – What to do With One

uses of a tablet

Uses of a tablet – Learning to play the piano

You are probably sitting on the fence deciding whether you should get a tablet computer or not. After all, you already have a smart phone and a laptop. So what are the uses of a tablet and why should you get one? Or not?

Major Uses of a Tablet

The major uses of a tablet is to consume information. It is used to surf the web, watching video, playing games, accessing Facebook, reading email, etc. There are of course keyboard accessories that you can purchase if you want to do data entry. If you do a lot of travelling, a tablet, especially the 7″ versions will be perfect as they are really “portable” and can easily fit in your hand. Other uses of a tablet includes reading eBooks with your tablet. Now, if all you want is just to read Ebooks, consider an eBook reader which is much cheaper than a full-blown tablet. The good thing with the eReaders is that most of them come with built-in wifi so that you can surf the web.

If you already have a laptop, you can sync information between the two devices. With many devices, you can also share information by having access to “cloud” computing services. “Cloud computing” is the latest buzzword for storing your information on remote servers so that you can easily access your files (music, video, documents, etc.) securely and safely from anywhere. So if you lose your laptop or tablet, your information is not lost. Apple provides free cloud computing with their latest iOS 5.1 and above.

Other Uses of a Tablet

* Tablets have high resolution cameras that can take quality pictures. It wasn’t so long ago that you would be seeing people holding their cell phones to take pictures (strange sight to see at that time) and video (they still do). Now, it will become more and more frequent to see people holding their tablets taking pictures and high def video. You can even edit your photos on a tablet.

* If you do not have a GPS (Global Positioning Device), you can use your tablet as a GPS. With its larger screen, you can have a better view of your navigation.  Most of the GPS device’s screen is about 4 inches.  You will need to subscribe to 3G/4G LTE in order to have the GPS feature.

* If you are a writer, a tablet with an attached keyboard would be perfect as you write your next novel sitting in a cafe sipping latte.

* The tablet is also saving lots of trees by storing shop manuals, documents for service support people.

Unique/Strange Uses of a Tablet

* On the iPad, there is an app that will teach you how to play a piano by interacting with a piano keyboard displayed on the screen. You can even form your own iPad music band.

* Store important papers on a tabket. Recently, a Canadian entering the USA did not have his Canadian passport with him. But he did have his papers stored on his tablet. By showing the custom agents at the Canadian/US border crossing the edocuments, they were able to let him into the USA.

As you can see, there are many uses of a tablet mentioned above. Only you can decide whether you need a tablet or not.

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