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MOOST Apple Pencil Charging Dock–Free Your 9.7 / 12.9 inch iPad Pro’s Charge.
If you’re in the habit of charging your Pencil with the USB adapter and Lightning Cable, this sturdy, aluminum apple dock is a perfect addition to your workspace. Let your apple pencil stand and charge. Keep your Apple Pencil in easy reach and your desktop neat with MOOST Apple Pencil Charging Stand.

No more Rolling Stylus on Desk
pencil apple apple pencil charging dock holds your pencil vertically and fits around your charging cable nicely. It stops your cord from tangling up and keeps the apple pencil charger in sight.

Holds Both Your Pencil and Cap, a Charging Dock Station for your Apple Pencil
A small notch holds the cap while the Pencil charges, so it won’t disappear on you. You can also use the apple pencil charger dock as a stand when you pause your workflow so you don’t set the apple pencil charger down and let it roll away.

Simply Beautiful pencil apple Stand
With Sturdy anodized aluminum construction, the Apple pencil stand’s solid base is weighted for optimum stability. Charge your pencil on MOOST sleek Apple Pencil Charger rather than having messy cables cluttering your desk.

Notes for Using MOOST Apple Pencil Charger:
-Remove your pencil cap and place the pencil down into the connector port of the stand.
-Place your cap into the cap holder section of the stand
-When fully charged and not in use place the apple pencil charger into the cap hold of the stand until you are ready for further use.

Apple Pencil Charger Dock – Aluminum Apple Pencil Stand Built in Charging Cable Heavy Duty Charging Stand Durable Apple Pencil Accessories for 12.9 inch 9.7 inch iPad Pro Apple Pencil (Space Grey)

Price: $39.99 (as of Dec 1st, 2017 05:04 AM)

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  • 【 Pencil apple-ATTRACTIVE AND STURDY】Apple pencil charger looks great on the desk. If you use apple pencil often, it is very handy to have a convenient base for recharging. Cord is long enough to put the base wherever you need it.This apple pencil charger dock has a nice weight and keeps the Apple pencil in one place on the desk.
  • 【Apple-IDEAL SOLUTION FOR CHARGING THE APPLE PENCIL】With a 5FT apple pencil charging cable in this Apple Pencil Charging apple pencil charger , you don't have to plug your pencil to your 9.7 / 12.9 inch iPad Pro thus loosing iPad Pro's charge. Just leave it to this apple pencil charging stand and Keepsapple pencil charger everything tidy and stored in one place.
  • 【iPad-SOLID ALUMINUM STAND】Apple pencil charger apple pencil charging dock is made of high quality durable Aluminum, helps to keep the Pencil from rolling off the desk, getting lost or getting in the way. It will be a great addition to any Apple desktop computer or apple pencil charger Accessories no matter at home, school or in the office. So you don't have to have a stylus rolling around your pencil apple desk.
  • 【Pro-EASY TO USE AND DURABLE】apple pencil charger Your Apple Pencil directly without hunting for and using pencil apple little connector that fits onto a charger cord. Easy to use and durable apple pencil charging stand.
  • 【Charging-2 YEARS WARRANTY】No SET UP Required, 2 Years Hassle Free Warranty, Prompt & Friendly Customer Service about apple pencil charger
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Apple Pencil Charger Dock – Aluminum Apple Pencil Stand Built
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